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Bougie Doozy Candle

Located in Old Chelsea, Quebec, Bougie Doozy Candle in just minutes from Ottawa, Ontario. 
By using only the highest quality paraffin wax, dyes and leadfree wicks, combined with our unique three-day production process, we ensure you'll get the brightest colours, most intriguing patterns, and the longest burning life possible. 

As the candle burns, the glowing effect intensifies and the colours become more prominent. The shell outlives the original wick by several times, and while larger Doozy's may be refilled and re-wicked in our atelier, Doozy Candles retain their functionality as a votive candle holder, vase or decorative container. 

Our candles are made for people who burn candles regularly. People who appreciates old fashioned craftsmanship. A piece of wax art that creates an ambiance like nothing else! Once you burn Doozy, you will not want to burn other candles!

Prized for their artistic and aesthetic value, every Doozy Candle is truly unique- no two are alike.

Our candles come in four sizes that burn from 50 hours to 300 hours. After burning the candle becomes a candle holder for votive candles.

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Something extraordinary, grand, impressive.
Originally used in slang to describe the iconic 1920s American automobile, the Duesenberg


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